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iTrustCapital Login | Full insurance create a trusted environment

Navigate the world of crypto opportunities fearlessly with iTrustCapital; Login now. Bank-level encryption, cold storage custody, and full insurance create a trusted environment where you can trade.
iTrustCapital Login


When trading cryptocurrencies, ensuring your holdings are fully protected should be a top priority. iTrustCapital provides comprehensive insurance to create an optimal and trusted environment for trading.

About iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital gives individual crypto traders access to institutional trading platforms protected by enterprise-grade security and insurance coverage. This provides a foundation of trust.

Full Insurance Coverage

In addition to robust security protocols, iTrustCapital fully insures assets from:
  • External theft - Holdings insured against hacks or security breaches.
  • Internal fraud - Coverage against employee misconduct or theft.
  • Technical issues - Assets protected against system failures.
  • Transaction errors - Covers losses from erroneous transactions.
  • Transfer problems - Insurance against errors in sending/receiving crypto.
This institutional-grade insurance creates an environment of complete trust for seamless trading activity.

Trade Crypto with Confidence

The combination of stringent security plus comprehensive insurance enables traders to fully leverage emerging opportunities in crypto markets with a high level of confidence.

Getting Started

Opening an iTrustCapital account takes less than 5 minutes. Simply create your account, verify your ID, fund your account via wire transfer, and begin trading with trust.


iTrustCapital builds a robust foundation of trust through institutional-grade security protocols and full asset insurance - everything traders need to thrive.
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